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About Me


New Paltz, New York

I am a musician first and foremost.  I have been playing piano, drums, bass and singing since I can remember.  When I got serious about playing music and especially once I began playing drums and bass I realized that recording was just as fun and engaging as playing music.  I started with a 4 track like most people I know.   Since 1999 I have recorded and mixed over 2000 recording sessions, live performances and live FM broadcasts, from Christian McBride, Wynton Marsalis and Brad Mehldau at The Performance Space at The New School’s Jazz program, to Jorma Kaukonen, Dave Wakeling, and Paige McConnell at WDST Radio Woodstock and the Utopia Soundstage.  My formal training comes from The University of Denver and The Lamont School of Music.  It was there that I began recording musical ensembles frequently while completing a performance degree in music.   There we learned to record with a pair of AKG 414’s, a small Soundcraft mixer and a DAT recorder.  It turns out that this is a great way to learn the basics of recording music.  After graduating, I went on to New York City where I became the Technical Director of the Performance Space and teacher of recording and sound reinforcement at The New School University.  This was a rare opportunity to work with living legends and the hippest, hottest young talent in the jazz world.  On any given day I could engineer a session for Reggie Workman, Chucho Valdes, and Joe Chambers or Marcus and EJ Strickland, Robert Glasper and Roy Hargrove. While in NYC, I began operating as a free-lance engineer offering services on location or at my studio in Brooklyn.  I continue to this day with a substantially improved studio and an even deeper love for recording music.  In my new studio in New Paltz, NY  I have recorded/worked with Rhett Miller, The Trapps, Tracy Bonham, Jeremy Lawton, Robert Bard, Big Joe Fitz, Kimberly Geiger, Sean Schenker, Warren Gold, Seth Moutal, Marigo Farr, Ross Rice, Seth Burkhart, James Hurt, Jeremy Mage, Eliane Amherd, Jen Clapp, Dan Fisherman, Marc Dalio, Eric Dalio, Brian Reed, Kelleigh McKenzie, Marcus Strickland, Jennifer Vincent, Hagar BenAri, Mattias Kunzli and many others.