Studio Tour
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Rhett Miller and Jason Sarubbi  - “Working with Jason Sarubbi is a dream.  His studio is world-class.  He is a great engineer and an even better hang.  I've done lots of different projects with Jason and loved the results.  Don't everybody hire him at once, though, because I'll probably be needing some studio time myself soon.” - Rhett Miller


Rupert Neve at AES 2009

Tracy Bonham at Split Rock 2008


Robert Randolf and Jason at 100.1 WDST ‘s Mt Jam music festival.

My Ludwig Rockers drum set from 1987 Cymbols are Zildjian K’s and sound great!!!
Paige McConnell from Phish and me and WDST Radio Woodstock
Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Concords and me at WDST Radio Woodstock

Jeremy Mage and James Hurt